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Critical 3 years ago
Lol hope thats not real,, poor guy
3 years ago
whats the use of having a cock that big if you can only get 3 or 4inches deep in her, can't even get fully hard or you pass out from blood loss
Good luck 3 years ago
Good luck hiding a boner
Hm... 3 years ago
If your going to fake a big dick, at least get a girl who could take a deep ramming with it. Just shove it in and push as far it will go up her pussy and ass. All this only the tip bullshit is just disappointing.
3 years ago
she can barely take any dick damn. not my best fap
3 years ago
Seems fake ngl
3 years ago
You can immediately tell his dick is fake. I’ve never seen a dick that’s lighter than the rest of the body.
Alexandra 3 years ago
Fake plastic dick
3 years ago
He needs to donate some of that dick to charity
GEDSON 3 years ago
name pornstar please