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SO GOOD 9 months ago
Very good blowjob!
8 months ago
Her eyes have a cock crazed look.
Whateves 8 months ago
Couldn’t have been that good, he had to jerk off for almost 2 min to cum. Nothing against you hun, your absolutely beautiful but clearly your man has some issues.
Denis 1 month ago
it sucks great, I also persuaded my wife to do this!!
Dude 5 months ago
Ok... this was extremly hot until he started jerking off over her face.... dude... just let her do it!!!!! The minute you are pleasuring yourself and just cumming on her ruined it for me.. let her milk that cock! Dude should not have to do anything but stand there and watch as his dick explodes all over her. Of course he should make her cum twice for each orgasam he has... but to make him do it for 2 min is just cruel.
Anonymous 8 months ago
Who is she? She can really suck! Her tits ate amazing
Leonardo 8 months ago
Her face is too long...and the beautiful part when out the window brother once she was uploaded here lol this are whore for show can't fuck a dirty bitch
D. Jaryd | #(GreatShone) 1 month ago
My Schlong is much bigger. Let's Meet[*]!
2 months ago
Dude, you needed to shove your cock down her throat when you came. I just filled my pocket pussy up with my white stuff.
maybi 8 months ago
If you rubbed MY cock on your tits, I'd cum instantly!